Minecraft builders wanted

Hello all!

As I announced this past weekend at Fall Ordeal, myself and a few others have come up with the wonderful idea that we should recreate Camp Orr in the popular video game Minecraft!  We think that this would really promote and get people interested in Scouting, and provide a method for Scouts and youth all across the country to experience Camp Orr without actually having to come to it. However, we’re going to need some help making it!  We’re looking for many experienced (or not so experienced) Minecraft builders!  If you’re interested, contact me, Heath Daughtrey by email at skygames26@yahoo.com or by text at 405-394-4070 with your name, email, and phone number, by November 10th.  As always, if you’re 18 or over, please copy another adult on your message to me to comply with youth protection.  I’m open to answer any questions you may have.  Happy Scouting!

I hope this message can help me get the contact info for the people I missed on Sunday.  Thanks!

Heath Daughtrey

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