2021 Spring Induction Weekend Recap

Dear Arrowmen,

Over two hundred members and candidates converged on Camp Orr this past weekend for the 2021 Spring Induction Weekend!  The first highlight of the weekend was the outstanding Pre-Ordeal ceremony performed by the first all-girl ceremony team in Lodge history!  The team was made up of Razorback chapter members, all of whom were new Ordeal members from 2020!  The weekend got off to a soggy start when a storm blew in at bedtime, but the weather soon cleared, leaving a perfect Saturday for service work.  

The Lodge performed over 2,500 hours of service at the weekend.  Notable service projects included improving the Twin Falls trail, installing signage for the Twin Falls trail, completing the Twin Falls kiosk, improving the Pat Bolin trail, painting the repaired eaves of the Administration Building, installing gutters on the Administration Building, and general clearing and cleaning.  This work could not have been done without the leadership of our Service team and the support and encouragement of our awesome group of Elangomats!  At the end of Saturday, the Lodge celebrated the induction of our new Ordeal members by gathering at the ceremony ring for the biggest circle most had seen in many years!  Back at the Dining Hall, Kevin Overholt and his amazing kitchen crew served up a delicious and memorable feast.  After the feast, the evening ended with fellowship, games, and a wonderful singalong led by Razorback Chapter adviser Rob Button.  

The Lodge inducted seventy-four new Ordeal members, and our induction rate currently stands at an amazing 86%!!  Twenty-seven Ordeal members sealed their membership in the OA with the Brotherhood, and the Lodge called out and inducted six new Vigil Honor members.  The new Vigil Honor members are:

Jace Bardin

Riley Button

Jake Heasley

Brenden Philippe

Malinda Pitts

Russell Rathbun

With the new Ordeal inductions, our Lodge membership stands at 314 members, just eight shy of matching our 2020 total of 322 members, so be sure to encourage your fellow Arrowmen to pay their dues and encourage the remaining candidates to attend Ordeal!  It was a wonderful weekend full of fellowship, service, good food, and celebration.  We hope you all will be able to join us at our next event!

Be sure to follow the Lodge on Instagram at: @oalodge559

**COMING SOON on the Lodge Instagram account: Throwback Thursday!  We’re looking for old Lodge 559 and Westark Area Council photos to post on Instagram; the only requirement is that the photo must contain a current or past Lodge member!  Email your photos to paulprothero559@gmail.com, or you can text cell phone photos to 479-799-5009 and be sure to identify the Arrowman or Arrowmen in the photo.  If you are under age 18please copy another adult on your email or text message to comply with BSA Youth Protection policies.  

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